Volume 1, OnePeace Edition


Introducing the NEW Volume 1 of Thieves & Kings

This new One Peace edition puts long out-of-print material back into circulation!

After the loss of orginal archival film, hundreds of pages vital to the T&K story continuum were simply.., gone.

Now recovered and remastered from the original artwork, this newly minted volume contains all the material from the first TWO original graphic novels! -On sale now at a third less than the cost of the original collections, readers are once more invited into the Thieves & Kings world!

Collecting the first four hundred pages of the original comic book series, the story of the young thief Rubel and his sorceress companion, Heath Wingwhit  are introduced. Making their way amidst the powerful events changing their world, soldiers and pirates, kings and magic, and a Shadow Lady of the Sleeping Wood, readers are invited once more to enter a world filled with adventure and friendship, rich with story and loving illustration. A Fantasy Adventure like no other!

   With the five red-faced guardsmen unused to rooftops and unable to run as quickly as Rubel in any case, it began to look as though the boy might just get away.  When this realization dawned upon him, Rubel's fright, which had become very tightly wound indeed, loosed all at once, turning into something ticklish and laughing and entirely unexpected.

   "Ha Ha!" he turned and sang,  "You can't catch me!  You can't catch me!  I am the princess's thief, I am!"

   And then he ran out of rooftops.

   "Nice going," Varkias said, lighting on his shoulder, still clutching the rose meant for Katara.  "I think you should have turned a different way a couple of houses back."

   The five guardsmen came puffing up behind him wearing expressions which were quite black.

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Thieves & Kings Vol 1One Peace Edition (issues 1-16) 416 Pages 
cover price: $27.90 CAD

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