Volume 2, The Green Book

The second volume of Thieves & Kings collects ten issues of the original comic book series, detailing the story of the young thief, Rubel and the Shadow Lady who seeks to capture his soul.  Introduced also in this volume is the wizard, Quinton and his young apprentice, Heath Wingwhit.  Between these four, demon traps are built, poisonings endured and dragon dreams journeyed, while mad princes and monsters of every ilk challenge the way for all.

Also included in this volume are the Madman of Millbrook strips not reprinted since issue #2.

   Poison arrows. . .

   Every shadow cast by all the many lanterns flickered and danced over the stones, drawing Rubel further away from reality and deeper into his mesmerized state.  He began to smell fresh things in the air; flowers and grass, and there seemed to be warmth where there should not have been, all deep within the mountain.

   Every now and then the passage would open from beneath the stone, out into the blinding daylight and crisp air so that the lanterns flickered like pale ghost flames and the soldiers squinted and blinked over the city sprawled below.  These brief bursts of light and fresh air revived Rubel somewhat, but each time, his head soon flowed back into the dark, warm swirls of the poison.