Volume 3, The Blue Book

From the dream garden of the Sleeping Dragon, to the tower of the Lost Wizard, the thief Rubel and young Heath make their way. The third volume of Thieves & Kings collects eight issues of the original comic book series into one story, focusing on Heath's journey to find a new home, to explore her calling as sorceress and uncover the riddles of magic.

The Blue Book brings to an explosive close the first third of Thieves & Kings, and sets the stage for the next story arc entitled, The Queen of the Trolls.

Very, very lost. . .

The letter, old and worn, was written on a single length of scroll paper. It was penned out in the rather scratchy and unaccomplished hand of one who probably should have learned better but had never likely been able to sit down long enough to do so. (A condition most unsuitable for a wizard.) The words, however, had a confident, strong look to them and Heath knew at once it was Quinton's work.

She stepped back from the open chest and took a shaky breath. Pushing a wet hand through wet hair, she began to read while all about her the green and golden garden world throbbed with heat and insects.

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