Volume 4, The Shadow Book

The fourth volume of Thieves & Kings collects twelve issues of the original comic book series, recounting the tale of the boy thief and the Shadow Queen who hunts his soul.  The Lost Princess Katara is found, and the Wizard Quinton is held prisoner, while young Heath, who would be a sorceress, finds herself stuck in school.  However, unseen treachery and magic lurks in each of their lives, demanding quick wits and bold action from all!

   The trees whispered and dry leaves rattled quietly on the ground.  Soracia was a fearful sight, but a strange memory of strength and magic was living in Heath that night and she did not waver.
   Soracia smiled fondly at her, but her expression became serious.  “Do you recall the boy thief?” she asked.  “How much of you remains? . . .or are you leaving me entirely?”
   “Boy thief?”
   “A shaft of sunlight and a breath of wind.  He was your close friend.  You and he together were a force to contend with.”
   “What on earth are you talking about?”  Heath frowned and shifted her weight from one foot to the other.  “Sally?”
   Her sister regarded her until Heath’s gaze faltered.
   “Well, he has returned.”


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