Virtual 'Undo' Button for Photoshop

On-Screen Undo Button for Photoshop-Executable ~ Version 1.3
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This little .exe file will put a virtual "Undo" button right on the screen which can be tapped with the stylus (or clicked on with a mouse pointer), to undo the last action in Photoshop. I made this for the Tablet PC I've been working on because it's nice to be able to just tap a spot on the screen and activate the Undo function, but my computer hadn't been equipped with such a feature. It seems pretty astonishing to me that nobody else had made an on-screen tool like this for Photoshop before, which, (shudder) apparently left it up to yours truly to address that oversight. óGiven my (very) limited programming skills, this seemed to me all the more astonishing, but what can one do? Luckily, as things turned out, a bit of research and lots of brain squeezing led me to this little invention which I now find really quite useful, so I thought I'd share.

This program will run in WinXP, and while I've not tested it, I don't see why it shouldn't also run under later versions of Windows.

For those of you who want to tinker with the guts of this program, you can download the original script here. . .

Undo Button Script

This program was created using the Open Source utility AutoHotKey. To use it, download AutoHotKey and install it. Then download the Undo Button Script and put it in a folder or on your desktop.

Now, like I said, I'm really not much of a programmer, so this is not the most brilliant bit of code by any means, but I've found it more suited to my needs than anything else I was able to find on the web. (Tablet PC use is a new thing for many artists, so we're really breaking quite a lot of ground here; every small discovery is like finding a new animal species.)

Anyway, if you open up the Undo Button Script file in a text editor such as, "Notepad" you will find that I have included extensive comments and instructions explaining how the script works. This should allow you to adapt it to your own needs; you can place it in different spots on the screen as well as make different buttons for doing other things. I hope some of you find it useful!



-Mark Oakley
December 24, 2009

Updated, July 4th, 2011

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