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   Stardrop. . .
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Mini Mysterious Theater. . .

Jen Jacobs, aka, "Regular Jen" is in her student apartment.
She has just returned from a successful shopping excursion to the local thrift store. She found cute skirt and a flashy pink top for which she paid altogether only $8.59. —An unbelievable steal when compared to the average sticker price common in any modern fashion boutique. —And neither article of clothing bore any defect or trace of having been worn by previous owners. Jen wonders how this is possible and suspects the local thrift store might be involved in some kind of racket.
Now, a skirt and top like these are by no means the sort of saucy ensemble Jen would normally feel comfortable wearing around town, (though Ashelle had been so excited that she had managed to convince her to wear them home from the thrift store. A daring and somewhat anxiety-hued bus journey was the result). So no, not regular day clothes to be certain, but they will compliment nicely her on-stage persona.
Jen Jacobs is the lead guitarist in the super-cool, all-girl 80's punk rock band, "The June Rocks!".
The fact that both the 80's and the mass popularity of punk rock have long since faded into fond and slightly embarrassing memories in the collective human awareness before Jen was even out of junior high is of little consequence.

scene 1 scene 2


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New Episode #285 - Next Episode, Thursday June 15th
webcomic Stardrop by Mark Oakley


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   Jenny Mysterious. . .
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June 24th, 2017
New Pages posted - 185 to 186
I've decided to publish the long-talked about Jenny Mysterious free on-line, with new pages every week, starting right now! BUT I am asking folks to become Patrons. Please support my comics with as little or as much as you choose with a monthly subscription, (even just a dollar would be fine!). It's really easy. See my Patreon page for details.

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webcomic Jenny Mysterious by Mark Oakley

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   Thieves & Kings. . .

Sample Chapter from, Thieves & Kings, Volume 3, "The Blue Book"

Thieves & Kings, page from the graphic novel series by Mark Oakley

Thieves & Kings is not a webcomic. It's an all-ages fantasy/adventure graphic novel series which I've been working on since 1994. It is nearly done; I hope to wrap up the story in the 7th volume, (currently in production). The chapter featured here offers a good example of what it's like to read Thieves & Kings. --It's a peppy sequence, and it contains both regular comic pages, and some text pages. It doesn't show much of the title character, (Rubel) and none of the Shadow Lady, but Heath and Varkias carry the show quite nicely. I do hope you enjoy this sample of my work!

   The Walking Mage. . .

The Walking Mage webcomic #2 - Fired

The Walking Mage is a complete story. Originally it was done in black & white, (which you can check out here, if you like). I wanted to experiment with color and so began by using a computer to color the Walking Mage for its print release. After a few panels I decided that it would be a lot more fun to paint it by hand, and so switched to water-color around episode six.

The story itself is quite a good little yarn; funny and pointed in many places, as political satire ought to be. I was actually quite surprised to learn this! I found myself laughing out loud in several places. --I don't know why this story in particular was so hard for me to accept, but it was. I avoided reading it for several years after it first went to press. The ending is rather abrupt, but it was a serial strip, after all.

So anyway, after having let this web-comic languish in the digital attic, I've decided to pull it out and post it again for all the world in its full-color glory. This is the first time the Walking Mage has been available in full color on the web. I hope you enjoy the adventures of Quinton and Varkias. Cheers!

   News From the Studio. . .
July 10th, 2014

Would it be foolish to assume that nobody really trusts Facebook? -But that we use it anyway, simply because, well.., it's there, it sort of works, and everybody you know is on the thing?

Creative people, artists and writers, involved in the frenzy of self-promotion know well enough the intense pressure to seek "Likes" and similar. Heck, Facebook was certainly useful in promoting my last Stardrop graphic novel.

But holy smokes! The foundation upon which it rests is made of sand.

FB recently admitted to tampering with several hundred thousand user news feeds in order to run a social experiment, (sending only positive or negative stories to randomly chosen users in order to measure psychological responses.)

Now, it is fair to say that my involvement with social media is ridiculously limited. I don't fit there very well, and not entirely for lack of trying. I'll diligently put up new Stardrop strips on Deviantart and Tumblr, but the nature of my comics doesn't fit the profile of viral popularity. Being both bi-weekly, (which roughly translates as, "Almost Never" in terms of internet frequency), and black & white, they don't tend to garner much attention. Also, Stardrop really works best in collected book form.

Of course, I naturally take pride in my comics being among the higher caliber, more intelligently crafted works out there in terms of content, story-telling execution, and reliable production schedule. Stardrop, for all its cuteness and fun, contains some pretty sharp stuff; suitable for both the discerning adult reader and the average 10 year-old with a soul. -And it's also getting to be one of the older strips on-line. (Ashelle and friends first graced the scene back in 2007).

It has been said, "A samurai knows his worth." -I'm no samurai, but neither am I going to pretend that I don't know how to handle a stylus or a keyboard with some facility. But seriously, if I am being perfectly honest, I am no less inclined than anyone else to feel my mouse pointer pulled toward boobs and flashy colors when surfing for something to read, so I'm not about to get sniffy when my work is overlooked. I know the score.

So this editorial isn't about that.

It's about social media as a marketing tool, and specifically, how Facebook is shifty and unreliable in this regard.

Consider: if I post a new comic strip on Facebook, it's up to the secretive algorithmic whim of Mark Zuckerberg's management team as to whether or not that strip is included in the feeds of the few hundred people signed up to follow my FB pages. Sometimes after posting, I'll get a noteworthy spike in coverage and lots of feedback. Cool. Other times. . , it's tumbleweeds and nothing.

Here's a great little quote from the recent story on Facebook's manipulation of user feeds...

Results aside, the study itself is rather creepy. Though the study did not breach the Facebook user terms and conditions, it was deemed questionable by the editor of the study, according to the Atlantic. From the Atlantic:

"Even Susan Fiske, the professor of psychology at Princeton University who edited the study for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of America, had doubts when the research first crossed her desk.

"'I was concerned,' she told me in a phone interview, 'until I queried the authors and they said their local institutional review board had approved it - and apparently on the grounds that Facebook apparently manipulates people's News Feeds all the time. I understand why people have concerns. I think their beef is with Facebook, really, not the research.'

"'Who knows what other research they're doing.'"

I'm with Susan Fiske on that one.

Though I'm willing to take a stab at the question: Facebook and other social media businesses are not just doing secretive and morally ambiguous research, but they actively sell their data collection/manipulation services to anybody with a big enough pocket book. And who would that be..?

Now, I'll admit freely to being among those who were not at all surprised by the landmark Edward Snowden reveals over the past many months regarding the wide-spread, illegal and utterly out of control secret surveillance of the civilian population. Heck, I stopped trusting authorities long ago, resting in uneasy certainty that they were messing with the communications and media world almost since its inception. Though, I will also admit to being mildly annoyed and disappointed with the world for being so earnestly shocked by the Snowden reports exactly because it demonstrated just how hopelessly reliant our society has become upon Official Culture and the talking heads of established News Media for the dissemination of Truth. Waiting with bated breath for the official organs to admit that they are not trustworthy before finally accepting the reality of the problem is a tad infantile. But at least it was now, "official". sigh.


Back to the point at hand: Is Facebook modulating exposure of my work?

How would I know? I'm certainly a very small fish in a very big pond. -But as somebody wise once observed with regard to influence, "Nobody is a Nobody." Butterfly wings, and all of that...

Here's a story my readers may find interesting:

Back in the early days following 9/11, I was posting anonymously with both frequency and fury in a variety of forums, and I was doing so in a manner which garnered a fair bit of attention from fellow posters. On that historically momentous day of the great Western Media photo-op wherein the Saddam Hussein statue was being pulled down by the supposed angry mob of civilian Iraqis hungry for democracy and Western involvement in their country, within hours I was re-posting hard to find photographs and exposes of the artificial and heavily stage-managed nature of that event.

Shortly thereafter, I experienced with some frustration my internet connection become unreliable to the point of useless. Not just dropped connections, which can be explained readily enough by poor wiring or static on the lines, but also odd password and login failures which are less easily explained away. -Upon calling the tech support department of my ISP, I was confronted with, at first, helpful technicians who, upon escalating the problem, became cagey, nervous and evasive. The problem didn't resolve. I eventually switched service providers in order to fix the issue.

In the heartland of Toronto's teeming downtown scene, I was describing some of my internet woes to a contact of mine who hailed from within the darker corners of the Western military establishment. I asked idly whether it was conceivable that I was being deliberately messed with. To my surprise, my contact took me quite seriously and offered to look into it. A day later, I was informed in no uncertain measure that, Yes, there was now a file on me. My internet proclivities had put me on the Black World radar.

Oh, joy.

This, naturally, shot me through with a jolt of adrenaline, and I became more circumspect in how I participated in the on-going discussions regarding all things hegemonic. So, perhaps I may be forgiven for being leery now, despite my tiny megaphone influence on the world of public perception. After all, I don't post pictures of cute kitties on FB.

So... are my FB posts being mitigated by the Powers That Be?

I really don't know. On the surface it seems unlikely, (though my ego would certainly be more than willing to accept the idea). What I DO know is that they can and will modulate the size of any given soap box or personal megaphone whenever they feel like it. -They have already done so with hundreds of thousands of people that we know of, and if we are being honest with ourselves, how much doubt is there really that they don't extend these manipulations on a far wider scale? Do I *really* need that nagging bit of paranoia included in my day? Sheesh.

When I write and draw comics, I strive to create happy, encouraging, mildly subversive anti-authoritarian fiction. Heck, unlike your average Disney fare, Thieves & Kings didn't put Elite Royalty in the Hero Boots. In T&K, thieves and the other riff raff subversives were the worthy protagonists.

So for marketing, am I going to just cross my fingers and hope that FB isn't being evil on the afternoon I decide to launch a campaign?

No thanks.

Now please pardon me while I go post a link to this editorial on Facebook.

Cheers, and have a fine day/evening wherever you happen to live!

-Mark Oakley
July 11th, 2014,
Wolfville, Nova Scotia.


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