Growing up in the seventies and eighties on the edge of the world has it's own unique perspective. Nova Scotia was a truly magical place to grow, it had everything youth could ever want. It was far from anything "important" that was happening. Very congenial and friendly, the Annapolis valley was lush and vibrant, a place where no one ever locked their doors. There was an innocence to life that no longer exists today, except in our hearts and in our art. Even today it is still a land of music, it is the air, the earth and the waves. It is the fire that drives us and very often defines who we are. Through the music we express ourselves, a deeper part of our being.

Music has the protection of interpretation. I love music because it can say so many things all at once, it is only limited by perception, the reasons that I love music are infinite. This, is far more bare, I can't say as much in the space I have.

I've studied music since I was nine and have been obsessed with it from my first memories. I tortured my friends and family for years. It is about constant evolution, you grow with every song. Every instrument and voice has it's own perspective, which is why I've learned to play as many as I can. It is not about mastering any of them, that takes lifetimes, but more being able to find the personality and melody in each and in so doing, expand perception.

The things that inspire, in all it's, growing things...powerful people...thoughts that take some time to have...great deeds...deeper insights...someone trying to be more than they are...I know that sunsets are also beauty, but when you grow up on the coast, they are deeply moving. I don't identify with the modern world. I think I'm a throw back to another age. Computers seem alien to me but I know enough to make them go. I'm at home surrounded by giant trees and the ocean. I love books and old things, things that are well made and have personality. I love the depths of things. Ancient history, the words and thoughts of the past.

The kind of music I make is a blend of many things, just like everything in North America. My roots are East Coast Celtic Folk and classic rock. At Acadia university, I studied ja and classical as well as theatre. I finally learned how to sing properly and perform in a way that presented my ideas much more clearly. My time at school was amazing. I learned far more outside of classes about life and music. I ran the coffee house performances at Acadia for three years, at the same time performing with several bands and smaller combos. It was wonderful to play so many different kinds of music. My main instrument at the time was sax but I played guitar and sang, as well as several other wind instruments.

After university I went to live in Newfoundland, where I spent a season working with Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador. It was an incredible experience, the people were beyond wonderful, I loved my time there. Acting, writing, singing and learning about a truly unique culture, enriched my life in ways beyond measure. From there, I went to Toronto, where I began working with a rock opera. I started as a producer and ended up as one of the lead performers. I learned the music industry and expanded greatly on the sound engineering courses I began in school.

The first project I released was a self titled album called After the Fall, getting airplay in California, the southern States, the Maritimes and in Toronto. The second was also a self titled project called The Calling. This was a smaller release that was more of an experiment in self publishing and producing.

Finally, Riverwolf, my first solo acoustic project. It has been a journey in every sense of the word, I've learned so much from the many different people and places I've seen over the past few years. Traveling expands vision, enriches perspective and allows a creative flow. Every part of the world awakens different songs and memories. The distance erodes the walls that block us from seeing the path to expression. It is a gift, most important to crafting perception and the chance to share it with others. The colors, smells, tastes and textures are windows beyond the view of what we come from and all we know. A little time for drifting through the universe, to hear the sounds that shape this place.

The source we come from, the blessing of powerful and skillful teachers and the ability to listen to that inner voice, can all conspire in the most amazing ways. It has been an incredible experience for me, I hope you enjoy.