Shipping Rate Chart
Shipping and Handling is calculated according to cost of total purchase.
See the chart below.
*Two of the longer books weigh more than the others; this affects their shipping cost.
IF SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY, U.K., E.U., AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, etc., please contact me directly, as shipping rates vary. This does not apply to U.S. customers; if you live in the U.S., please just use the Buy Now buttons as normal.

ALL PRICES QUOTED IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. Check the currency exchange rates.

Email Me For Shipping Costs

To make a purchase with Personal Check or Money Order. . .
1. Total up the cost of the various items you want to order.
2. Then add the following additional amount for shipping:
3. If ordering the CD, or a combination of light books (the Walking Mage and Stardrop volumes weigh less), please email me. I might be able to offer a better price than the automatic PayPal calculator.

Item Total
to $16 add $11
$16 to $46 add $16.65
$46.01 to $51 add $25.50
$51.01 and up add $29.50

3. Make checks or money orders Payable to. . .

I Box Publishing
#1 - 614 Main St.
Wolfville, NS  B4P 1E8

4. Include the list of items you wish to purchase and the address you want them shipped to. That's it!