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Very Simple Web Comics. . .

I drew the Walking Mage from late 2003 to 2006 for a popular community paper published here in Wolfville. With a modest circulation of 1500, my work was reaching about half the people living in my town. As a result, I regularly found myself recieving comments from people I met day to day regarding recent strips, which was both odd and satisfying. The strips themselves are very simple as illustrated story-telling goes; designed to tell a snappy story in bite-sized chunks, much less illustration-intensive or complex than my normal work on Thieves & Kings.

The older strips appeared many years ago now on the web, and were my attempt to try my hand at the newspaper gag strip. As readers familiar with Bill Waterson's wonderful Calvin & Hobbes will immediately see the influence! These were fun to make, and difficult! Telling a decent joke with a little bit of story in only four frames is very challenging!

The Walking Mage "Outcast Wizard, Quinton and his Imp Familiar must walk the land. High Adventure, Low Comedy and some Minor Property damage resulting." There are 41 episodes in this series, in an 8-panel North-South format. I wanted to try my hand at political satire, and this was the result. See what you think. . . (This series was completed in March of 2006, and is now available as a full-color reprint volume.)

Old Strips (1998 - 1999) These strips, (with the exception of two), all appear in the Thieves & Kings graphic novels, and feature popular characters from the series. They are all done in the 4-frame left-right gag format, and some of them still make me chuckle. . .


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