Volume 5, The Winter Book

The fifth volume of Thieves & Kings collects nine issues of the original comic book series, following the story of a small band of young and powerful companions. During troubled times in the depths of a cold winter, Heath Wingwhit and the thief Rubel, -and their new witch friend recently escaped from the dark palace, must together survive the streets of Oceansend even as the Witch Queen plots to destroy them. . .

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   The two sorceresses crouched together in secret council, neither appearing to notice the winter chill. Their eyes burned with power as they spoke.
  “She is being carelss,” said one.  “She is too young to make her stand.”
  “Time has run out,” the other replied. “Her choice is made.”
  “Her dreaming awake is without discipline. She pulls her party into danger; their minds are already caught up. She has made them forget that they are hunted!  She dreams of warmth and of games.  A fool’s dream. A child’s dream!”
  “This is true. . . They will live or they will die and it will happen very soon. . . But her thief is not entirely blind. He knows that this battle is not a joke, yet he also trusts her intuition, and so should we! the Red Sorceress is our teacher, and when she left her last instructions, they were very clear.”
  “Hmm. . . I wonder if this lesson will prove to be our last.”
  Catastrophe’s eyes, smoldering grey, gazed in thought. “All the more reason to learn it well.”

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