Thieves & Kings, Apprentices Book I



And then one day, she remembered. . .

Leahanna had always been the most loyal and adoring of servants, her soul bonded throughout time to one half of the black sword pair weilded by the fearsome Shadow Lady. With this life she had been content.  —Until the day the Black Swords were broken, her soul was cast free, and Leahanna found herself lost and confused. . .   And very unhappy.



   “I have need of a servant I can trust. One who will never turn her back on me. One who will not crumble in a storm. Do you have Iron in you, girl? Are you strong? Or will you give up all of what you might become to float directionless down the river of time, to play the life of just another girl who will fade and turn grey and be forgotten?”

   The two of them stood in the little yard of the farmhouse, Leahanna fairly quaking in her muddy shoes, heartwrung tears standing in her eyes, because she understood. She shook her head, teeth gritted, “I'm not like that,” she breathed.




About the Book

Apprentices, Book I  is the start of a new story arc which picks up where, Thieves & Kings, Volume 5 left off, but I made a point of writing this book so that it could be picked up and enjoyed on its own.

This book is 104 pages long. It contains re-edited pages from the comic book series, "Thieves & Kings", issues 46, 47 and 48 comprising fifty pages of previously published material. This format marks the end of the regular 24 page comics! From now on, Thieves & Kings will be published as 100+ page square-bound books like this one. They are designed to come out more frequently than the earlier Graphic Novels did, and they are meant to stand on the shelf along side them. They will not be collected together as larger books, so they are the final product, so to speak. If you have any questions I haven't thought to address here, please feel free to drop me an email; I'll be sure to get back to you!