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What is, StarDrop?

Stardrop is a light-hearted science fiction webcomic series about a space princess hiding in a small town. “Anne of Green Gables from Space.”

“Ashelle is delightful! I want to adopt her!”

“I just love her! She's such a breath of fresh air!”

“This webcomic is subversive and self-aware.”

Stardrop offers a positive message. That's rare and it's important!”


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Jan 30thst, 20187
New Pages posted - 226 to 227
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Sample Chapter from, Thieves & Kings, Volume 3, "The Blue Book"

Thieves & Kings, page from the graphic novel series by Mark Oakley www.iboxpublishing.com

Thieves & Kings is not a webcomic. It's an all-ages fantasy/adventure graphic novel series which I've been working on since 1994. It is nearly done; I hope to wrap up the story in the 7th volume, (currently in production). The chapter featured here offers a good example of what it's like to read Thieves & Kings. --It's a peppy sequence, and it contains both regular comic pages, and some text pages. It doesn't show much of the title character, (Rubel) and none of the Shadow Lady, but Heath and Varkias carry the show quite nicely. I do hope you enjoy this sample of my work!

   The Walking Mage. . .

The Walking Mage webcomic #2 - Fired

The Walking Mage is a complete story. Originally it was done in black & white, (which you can check out here, if you like). I wanted to experiment with color and so began by using a computer to color the Walking Mage for its print release. After a few panels I decided that it would be a lot more fun to paint it by hand, and so switched to water-color around episode six.

The story itself is quite a good little yarn; funny and pointed in many places, as political satire ought to be. I was actually quite surprised to learn this! I found myself laughing out loud in several places. --I don't know why this story in particular was so hard for me to accept, but it was. I avoided reading it for several years after it first went to press. The ending is rather abrupt, but it was a serial strip, after all.

So anyway, after having let this web-comic languish in the digital attic, I've decided to pull it out and post it again for all the world in its full-color glory. This is the first time the Walking Mage has been available in full color on the web. I hope you enjoy the adventures of Quinton and Varkias. Cheers!

   News From the Studio. . .

Mark at the Movies ~ Blade Runner 2049

October 11th, 2017

Mark at the Movies ~ Blade Runner 2049

Hey, hey! I just got back from a theatrical presentation of "Bladerunner 2049". In, WOW, 3D.

I think I might be able to make peace with 3D. It doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, so I guess I'll have to. I find the pointless feature and extra expensive tickets and dopey glasses are only on my mind for the first three minutes, after which I am able to forget about them. And who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be one of those things where, after I complain about it enough and it miraculously goes away, I'll think, "Huh. This 2D movie stuff seems kind of... flat somehow."

ANYway... (I talk a bit about the meat of the film ahead, so proceed at your own risk.)

I really enjoyed this film! -Everything everybody has said in reviews and comments holds true. It looked great, maintained the esthetic and feel of the original, and it had a smart story which, yes, even made me tear up a couple of times.

The only thing I'll add, -and this is not really a criticism.., more an observation...

It was very explicit. Very literal.

-By which I mean, it had a complex story which answered all its own questions and it all made solid sense. It was scripted, I think, by people with engineering backgrounds or something. That's not a bad thing. You get a functional film out the other end. -Even one with a reasonable emotional range. And yet...

And yet...

This new film was missing the lyrical quality of the first. -Where a young Ridley Scott was unafraid to make bold moves on screen without feeling any need to explain the rationale behind them, -resulting in a beautiful ambiguity which, I thought, echoed the replicants' very search for soul.

By contrast, the characters in this new film sure *talked* a big game about feelings and miracles, even revolved the entire script around an amazing birth, and yet.., somehow failed to convince me they were really existing in the thick of those emotions, in that search for the ephemeral. Oh, and there's a difference, boy! Too much engineering and not enough poetry. There's a saying in writing circles...

"Show me, don't tell me."

This film reminded me of that off-label Star Wars film from last year. "Rogue One". -That was also scripted by engineers. A tight, smart clockwork where everything also made sense. (And don't get me wrong; I like things to make sense). But the magic was made material, a talking point, reduced to a crystalline resource which could be mined, measured and controlled -with technology and force of arms.

-It's like the authors were aware that magic and soul or something like it is important, -the driving force for everybody's actions after all-, but they didn't quite grasp the root of the concept, convinced that these wispy, intense emotions were the result of just the 3D containers they happened to ride in.

Like the mysterious infant in Blade Runner 2049, the movie chased after that object representation while failing to recognize that the truly lyrical isn't the object itself.

But like I said.., this isn't meant to be a criticism. Just an observation of craft. (The movie was scripted by replicants trying their best? Ha ha!) And they came close. I'm not sure I'd have been able to do anything any better. I tend to lean more heavily on the engineering end of things myself; my inner poet can be a bit unreliable.


It was still a fine film! -I think the thing I was most happily surprised by was how much screen time Harrison Ford was given, and how he didn't disappoint in his delivery.

It's funny how I tense up and really hope people shine. -Like watching balance beam gymnasts and figure skaters and hoping, hoping, they don't fall.

Nobody fell in this film. Phew!

To bump it up from an 8 or 9 to a perfect 10, the flawless routine just needed to be a little less mechanical and a little more flowing. A little more spiritual.

After all...

If you recall...

In the original book, the question wasn't just about independence from slavery, but of *dreams*.

-Mark Oakley
Wolfville, Nova Scotia,
October 11th, 2017



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